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No Longer A Dream

Ciao – Hi

Ciao - Hi

I’m back!!!


Rich In Mind And Heart

I am home!  Thank you for following my adventure. It would be extremely difficult to express all that I experienced in this final post, so I am going to tell you what I learned and how I feel in three categories:

Mind – learned how to make wine from the vine to the bottle, learned how to grow hazelnuts from the field to their many uses, acquired new recipes and dishes, improved my palate tasting of wine, viewed sights and scenes of century old towns, cities, churches, and buildings, learned how to eat enjoyably, know rural northern Italy culture and practices…

Heart – recognized that the importance and need for family and friends is universal, reinforced my personal belief that when you work hard your body is tired but your mind is free, creating new friends is possible regardless of age and location, Italians are warm, sincere and caring, felt my Italian heritage emerge, felt valued and helpful…

Conclusion – happy, fulfilled and ready for another future adventure…

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Cleaning Fermentation Vat

Cleaning Fermentation Vat

The pressed skins/juice will be used to make grappa.


My Journey

My final day of work ends today. We have completed the vine to barrel process for one kind of grape…there are three kinds of grapes remaining. Their work has just begun. I will spend tomorrow night in Milan and fly out on Thursday AM. The time has past quickly…I think because of the work piece. I have learned much that will influence me forever. My last post will be Thursday when I depart.


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Liguria Province

We took a trip to Genoa yesterday.  Saw Mar Ligure in the town of Camogli, took a boat excursion to San Fruttuoso ànd ate supper in Celle.




Papa John…Eat Your Heart Out!

Papa John...Eat Your Heart Out!

Think you might like a bite?

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Food Great – So far…raw veal, liver and veal tongue, tripe, orato and brazino fish, anchovies,  goat and sheep cheese…

Wine – A must for lunch and supper…mostly Barbera. introduced to grappa and limoncello…will have all three shipped back.

Work – Winding down…hazelnuts being sent to a warehouse, wine fermenting, and wood set for the winter.

Hosts – Wonderful, I eat lunch and supper with them. Eat breakfast with other guests…Autralia, New Zealand, Holland, New Brunswick, Iowa, Virginia…

Restaurants – Great, reasonable, tipping not exspected, three hour delights…go with other guests and Chiara and Paolo.

Visits So Far- small towns, churches, markets,  grocery stores, hazelnut warehouse – taking a couple of trips this week

Communication – Not a problem, most understand some English , and I have learned a few words.

Head –  Very happy…found my roots!!!

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A Day Of Rest

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A Day Of Rest

We took the day off from work and went to a small 13th century church in Sinio…200 people. The mass and singing were in Italian. It reminded me of the old Latin format.  We had coffee with other church goers in an outdoor cafe next to the church. I had an Italian birra and cigaro with a small glass of grappa after a pasta lunch. For supper I ate with Chiara, Paolo and couples from Australia and New Brunswick.  We ate in a 12th century town in a restaurant just as old…of course modernized.  We had a five course dinner with wine, grappa and dessert for 30 euro each…no tipping exspected.  Work on Monday, grape picking, wood chopping, and hazelnut weeding.  All is well…week and a half left. Leon




The grape harvest has begun….we have been picking grapes for two days….my hands are red and smell like grapes.  We work from 9:30 till 7:30.  The work is not too hard but the day is long.  I work with people from Macedonia and Romania.  There are four types of grapes…Barbera is the best. I am learning the complete process fom the field to the barrel.